July 1, 2012


Well officially halfway through 2012. July 1st...wow where has the year gone. I got a new job late last fall on the side and started working there in January. I am an education consultant for Smiths Medical and get to travel to hospitals and show nurses and staff how to use their product. A dream job seriously!!! My boss is amazing and so nice and encouraging. Really enjoying my 1-2 times a month getaways to do something different. 

This year Stephanie graduated from Mountain View High School and we moved her into her apartment in Athens where she will be going to Athens Tech for ultrasound. So proud of her!!! Josh is now the last one at home....poor guy! Crazy to think that he will be going to college next year. 

This year has been full of festivals, concerts, birthday parties, annual birthday trip to PCB, cookouts, and lots of time with family and friends. It has been a good year all in all. Looking forward to the next half of the year and all the fall/winter fun ahead after this crazy hot summer. Georgia hasn't seen the 100-106 temps in a while and wow is it hot!! 
Enjoy the summer and until next time...

September 25, 2011

It's Alright...

"Staycation 2011" is underway and wow is it nice so far!!! I have to say that this was by far the best decision so far. I went up to the vineyards this weekend with my friends Kayla and Cora and thoroughly enjoyed going to my favorite wineries, staying in the nicest Tuscan cottage in Montaluce, and simply enjoying the company and laughter of good friends. It was nice to just get away and feel like we were 100s of miles away from home:) Callie went to camp (as always) and loved it. Her favorite staffer Jenn was there. I highly recommend Camp Bow Wow in duluth!!!

Today after I got home this morning I decided to watch a quick movie (sad to say but I choose Twilight) and ended up getting a nap during the movie:) Then went to Duluth Fall Festival. I always enjoy going to this festival. Today I got my first "real" piece of art and I am soooo excited about it! Imagine a big blue sky with a small red barn in the middle to the side...yes simple but oh does it remind me of my grandparents farm so I had to buy it. It is a local man named Matthew Lee. I am looking forward to putting that up this week along with many other house chores to do during my "staycation" this week.

Update on things since last post (yes it has been almost a year again...really not good at keeping up with blogs)....Grandfather went to Texas for alternative treatment earlier this year for his lung cancer and went into congestive heart failure. He has stopped chemo a few months ago and scans will be done soon to see where things stand. My sister got married to Brian Brown last month on August 20th. I now have 4 nieces and 2 nephews now:) My bestie, Kristen, had her first baby boy on July 27th. Hayden Lucas Buck is sooo sweet and addictive! Love at first sight:) He is so good and already a good little shopping buddy. Poor guy just doesn't know how his momma and I love to shop for bargains...aka all day of finding deals!

Nothing new really happening lately in my life. My side job that I do in the fall is almost over and so grateful to have that extra money for the holidays!!! Christmas is only 3 months away. I saw a sign today at the fall festival that said only 81 shopping days left....so you better hurry!!! haha! I have already started and proud of it...for those of you that know me well I LOVE the holidays and find so much joy in finding the best and unique gifts for everyone.

Well time to get busy on my "to -do" list (making it that is) so I will be productive this week. Until next time...hopefully it won't be almost a year again. Cheers:)

October 9, 2010

Another year....

Ok wow it has been a while and I don't even have to change my background....opps! Well a lot has happened in the last year of my life. I started 2010 at a New Years party with my bestie Kristen and a group of their friends last year. I remember us telling each other 2010 is our year b/c the previous one was not that great. Well...I was wrong. It has been a year of heartaches and very trying on me and my family. After the new year we found out my grandfather has Stage 4 Lung cancer and my uncle passed away suddenly May 21st from a massive heart attack. With all the other stresses from the economy, life, and drama....you would think that there is only one way and that is up from here. I have caught myself saying "it can't get worse" a lot this year only to find that it has. I am not saying this to have a pity party but just to warn people that I have a new perspective on life with all these hard times this year. I have changed A LOT and already have noticed not everyone seems to like the new changes.

The most important things I have learned:
- I now know who my TRUE friends are
- I am the only one looking out for me so I have to do it
- Life changes in a second
- match.com has given me some good stories
- redecorating a house is my therapy
- goals have changed for my life
- i want to go far in my career so that will take some changes

One of my favorite songs and has been a statement in my life is "You Find out who your Friends Are" by Tracy Lawrence.

All I have to say is "2011" will be a year of change for me. Putting all these lessons into action and moving forward:) I am truly thankful for all my true friends and great family for being there to hold me up when I didn't think I could get through another day after Uncle Steve passed away. I love you with all of my heart!!!!

August 27, 2009

Flu Season is Here

Well flu season is definitely here!! Yep that is right....I had the flu this week. Tuesday after work it hit me like a brick wall on my way home driving. I spiked a fever of 102 by the time I got home from work. That night I was tired, achy, weak, fever, and my body was restless. My fever broke around 5:00 wednesday morning and I slept for a few hours before I got up for my mom to take me to see Dr. Maxa. I was more nervous about having a lot of dental work last thursday and the risk of infection (for those of you who don't know I have a murmur). He checked out the heart and everything was a ok. So he told me "I think you have the flu, Crystal." You can probably see my reaction, "me, I never get sick. I am a nurse. I have a great immune system" was going through my head. So we did the swab test and yep Type A flu. I got Tamiful (miracle drug) and within 12 hrs I was already feeling way better. Last night I slept great and today I laid around the house and watched movies. So now I am waiting on work to tell me how long I have to stay out of work for...hmm. I am off through Monday per Dr. Maxa since I work in the NICU.

So everyone wash your hands like crazy, get the flu shot, and stock up on some Tamiflu. Oh FYI I had to go to/call 5 pharmacies before I could find one that was not out of stock of Tamiflu. Who knew the flu season would start so early. So definitely get your flu shots and if you want to know where to go just ask me, I will be administering them in clinics this fall!!!
Happy Fall!!!!

July 25, 2009


Maverick (new labradoodle puppy) is home as of yesterday. He is now 8.5 weeks old and weighing in at 12 lbs 7 oz!!! Oh yes, he is a big boy:) Yesterday started off really busy but after I got home it was so nice to just hang out at home, catch up on DVR, and play with my dogs. 

Yesterday morning I took Callie to the vet - double ear infection (pretty bad). She never shows any signs of pain -- she shook her head the other day a few times and has been "cleaning" them a lot more lately. Upon our visit I found out that Callie lost 6-7 lbs so she is now 64 lbs. In doggie world that is a big deal. I would have been jumping up and down if it was me so you can understand my shock when Dr. Boyce was very concerned and immediately wanted to do a lot of tests -- so here we are waiting on those results. I told her to not tell me what she thought it was unless she wanted a lot more questions the next few days from my internet searches. 

After Callie's morning at the vet, I cleaned house really fast and then went to pick up Maverick from the breeder (Mill Creek Labradoodles). Whom not to plug for her but seriously one of the best breeders I have ever met in my life!!! Such a blessing that I met Sandra. So we left after her and her 3 children said good-bye to him. Off to see Dr. Boyce we went for a check-up (routine for breeder health guarantees). Everyone loved him - especially Dr. Boyce. He is "very healthy and looks great" so I was happy to get some good news from the vet after Callie's morning.

Callie and Maverick get along really well so far. There is a little hint of jealousy sometimes but Callie seems to mother him already -- she corrects him when he is chewing on things around the house. He is so mellow and really laid back. He does not mind her barking at him occasionally and follows her everywhere. Yesterday they were either close to each other sleeping or chewing on bones -- made me so happy!!! I am expecting some bumps in the road (one being up every 30 min to hr with a crying/whimpering puppy last night). 

Looking forward to posting many funny stories about these two!!! 

pumpkin patch by shabbyblogs.com

Beach trip for 26th B'day

Beach trip for 26th B'day
Kristen, me, and Kayla

Northside Co-workers

Northside Co-workers

Village Grove Neighbors

Village Grove Neighbors
best neighbors ever

Best Days of My Life

Best Days of My Life
me with my nieces and nephew


Me and my bestie, Kristen

My siblings and me - Jenny, Joshua, Stephanie, and me